Notes on using Memcached through PHP and Python

25th August, 2011

Everyone knows that memcached is an extremely fast in-memory cache. We recently started using it for caching elements in our frontend – servers, alerts, etc – but are now also […]

Python daemon class

19th April, 2011

Our server monitoring agent has always run as a daemon on Unix, Linux and OS X because you want it to just work and not be messing with background tasks […]

Clearing / purging RabbitMQ queues

21st October, 2010

We use RabbitMQ as part of our alert processing backend for our server monitoring service, Server Density. Earlier this week we had a problem with one of our queues suddenly […]

Android push notifications (tutorial)

7th October, 2010

Perhaps the most important feature of our server monitoring iPhone and Android apps is the ability to receive alerts via push notification directly to your device. On the iPhone, notifications […]

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