How to monitor MongoDB

9th September, 2014

Like most things in life: If you can – keep it simple. Running databases in production isn’t easy, and with 7 years of practice we’ve found the best way to […]

Goodbye global lock – MongoDB 2.0 vs 2.2

23rd May, 2012

Perhaps the most oft-cited problem with MongoDB is the infamous global lock. In general terms, this means that the entire server is locked when you perform a write operation. This […]

Removing Memcached because it’s too slow

11th May, 2012

Update There has been a lot of discussion of this post around whether this is a problem with Memcached or something else. The post content is accurate but in hindsight, […]

Real world MongoDB benchmarks with benchRun

25th April, 2012

Benchmarks are interesting to look at from a general perspective but they often don’t really help test real world usage. You’re probably not that interested in how many concurrent inserts […]

MongoDB on VMWare

27th January, 2012

We’ve been running MongoDB on the VMWare vSphere virtualisation platform in production for 18 months across MongoDB v1.6, 1.8 and recently 2.0. Originally deployed on CentOS, we’ve almost finishing migrating […]

Replacing RabbitMQ with MongoDB

28th September, 2011

Update Nov 2015: – We have since reached the limits of MongoDB’s atomic findAndModify and have moved over to using Kafka for queuing. Back in April we ditched RabbitMQ in […]

MongoDB vs Cassandra

21st July, 2011

Over the 2 years we’ve been using MongoDB in production with our server monitoring tool, Server Density, we’ve built up significant experience and knowledge about how it works. Back in […]

MongoDB, CPU cores and vmmemctl

15th June, 2011

Having reduced our MongoDB connection overhead, we continued to see response time spikes correlated to spikes of the MongoDB queues in mongostat. These were occurring randomly and at all other […]

MongoDB connection overhead

8th June, 2011

After adding new web nodes for the launch of our plugin directory, we started seeing performance problems with our MongoDB database cluster. The symptom was increased response times in the […]

The logistics of shipping promo lego USB drives to the USA

30th May, 2011

Last week on 24th May I attended and spoke at the MongoDB conference in San Francisco. The event was packed and had 6 separate talk tracks, and our server monitoring […]

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