Quick MongoDB tip – how far does your oplog go back?

25th February, 2011

Choosing the right MongoDB oplog size can be difficult, especially if your usage is growing. So here’s quick way to see what the last item in the oplog is. If […]

On shortened field names in MongoDB

23rd October, 2010

Last night we got almost 10k unique visitors in just a few hours because of a post disputing a minor point of a post I wrote in July 2009. The […]

Automating partitioning, sharding and failover with MongoDB

3rd August, 2010

Two of the most eagerly anticipated features for MongoDB, the database backend we use for our server monitoring service, Server Density, are auto sharding and replica sets. Sharding will allow […]

Choosing a non-relational database; why we migrated from MySQL to MongoDB

25th July, 2009

Update 23 Oct 2010: A discussion about the value of shortened field names has generated a lot of traffic to this post over the last 24 hours. A response has […]

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