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Scheduled Maintenance 13th Oct 2009 12:00 GMT

Update 12:10 GMT The maintenance has now been completed successfully.

Tomorrow (13th Sept 2009) at noon GMT, we will switching our live database to a new server. We expect this to take no more than a few minutes as it is a simple case of stopping the database on one server and restarting on another. Find out what time that is in your timezone here.

As part of our infrastructure growth plan, last week we deployed a new set of servers splitting off database and web serving onto separate systems. The database will now be entirely hosted on dedicated hardware, with 72GB RAM, so we can keep as much data in memory as possible (MongoDB is memory mapped). The primary database server is connected directly to the web server but is backed up by replication across multiple data centres. This gives us the additional redundancy needed for reliable server monitoring.

Aside from extra security from data centre failure, you will likely notice performance improvements. We are aware of some issues resulting in slowdown over the last week, which is due to the number of servers we are now monitoring. This upgrade will resolve those issues and provide plenty of future capacity.

Let us know if you have any questions.