Recent technical sysadmin talks

By David Mytton,
CEO & Founder of Server Density.

Published on the 5th November, 2012.

We try and have our engineers speak at a range of conferences during the year and a lot of those have happened in the last 2 months. Here’s a quick list of slides:

  • Big data softwareIMWorld 20 Sept 2012. Real time analytics is a compelling use case for NoSQL solutions like MongoDB, Cassandra and CouchDB, but only if everything is up and running smoothly. Looking at and compare each of these data stores alongside case studies for each. This covers what to consider for high write throughput performance from hardware configuration through to the use of replication, multi-data centre deployments, monitoring and sharding to ensure your database is fast and stays online.
  • From Zero to Puppet (video) – PuppetConf 27 Sep 2012. Switching from nothing to everything in Puppet config management and how we use it for automating failover at Server Density.
  • The Asynchronous PlumberPyConUK 28 Sept 2012. As internal HTTP REST services, popularised by Amazon, have been gaining a lot of attention – newly emerging HTTP/1.1 extensions like Server Sent Messages and WebSockets are the perfect accompaniment to asynchronous tech stacks like Tornado, Twisted, Gevent and Node.js, not just for powering 10 minute chat demos.
  • Monitoring everything that isn’t a serverPyConUK 2012. Monitoring solutions exist for servers and services. Now, can we turn those solutions towards monitoring other things. Can you graph your git commits against your heart rate, and know how many cups of tea it took to make that code, without manual intervention?
  • MongoDB performance at scaleWebPerfDays 2012. A technical look at how we get fast performance out of the box processing over 15TB of data a month with MongoDB.

And you can follow us to on Speakerdeck where we upload all of our slides.

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