How to Monitor SQL Server

The venerable Microsoft SQL Server still holds as one of the most popular relational databases out there. Here is how to monitor SQL Server.

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Troubleshoot Nginx: 10 typical errors

Nginx is one of the most popular HTTP servers. Today we'll take a look at some of the most common checks you need to go through, when you troubleshoot Nginx

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On Call Sleep Monitoring

Improve your Sleep while On-Call

Find out how you can correlate sleep efficiency with incidents and improve your sleep. Introducing the Opzzz app for on-call sleep monitoring.

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How to create a Monitoring Dashboard

Why not look for ways to make it accessible to everyone out there, sysadmins and non-sysadmins alike. Here is how we generate a monitoring dashboard.

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Introducing Alert Costs

When an engineer is working on a complex task the worst thing you can do is expose them to random alerts. Here is how to mitigate that with Alert Costs.

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Diversity is Good Business. Here is Why

We wanted to address this now, while our company culture was in its formative years. Here is why diversity is good business, and what we've done so far.

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website monitoring nagios

Website Monitoring with Nagios

Why not use someone else’s global infrastructure to automatically perform your web checks? Here is how you can do website monitoring with Nagios.

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How Spotify and GOV.UK handle on call, and more

Francesc Zacarias, SRE engineer at Spotify, and bob Walker, Head of Web Operations at GDS GOV.UK, spoke about their on call approach.

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