How GOV.UK Reduced their Incidents and Alerts

Watch Bob Walker from GOV.UK talk about their recent success in reducing their incidents and alerts. And grab your invite to our next HumanOps event!

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Spotify Engineering: Making Ops Human

Server Density is not the only team out there getting excited about HumanOps. Keep reading to find out how Spotify Engineering does HumanOps.

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Cloud vs dedicated pricing – which is cheaper?

Read our comparison of cloud vs dedicated pricing. As it turns out, for long-running workloads like databases, it's not cheaper to use the cloud.

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Handling timezone conversion with PHP DateTime

Are you handling timezone conversion and time preference settings? Read on to find out how we do those at Server Density.

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HumanOps Events: Get excited

To celebrate and push the HumanOps agenda forward we are organising HumanOps events around the world. Watch the talks here.

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Monitoring your Amazon resources with CloudWatch

Monitoring Amazon resources with CloudWatch

Here is how we use Server Density with CloudWatch when monitoring Amazon resources. CloudWatch is an Amazon service that monitors your AWS resources.

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5 Ways to Reduce Alerts for Better Productivity

The more noise your system generates, the more inefficient and expensive it is. Here is how we reduce alerts here at Server Density.

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How-to-monitor-Monitor Apache

How to Monitor Apache

Apache HTTP Server been around since 1995 and it's deployed on the majority of web servers out there. Here is how we monitor Apache here at Server Density.

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