How to Write a Postmortem

Despite the grim sounding name, we love doing postmortems here at Server Density. Here is why you should write a postmortem.

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Monitor Zookeeper

How to Monitor Zookeeper

Here is our very own checklist of best practices on how to monitor Zookeeper, including key metrics and alerts we use with Server Density.

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Launching an Apple TV App: What we’ve Learned so Far

The recent Apple TV refresh came with plenty of new technologies for developers to sink their teeth into. Here is how we built and launched our Apple TV App

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The Journey to Webpack

Transitioning from Grunt / Require.js to Webpack is not easy, but offers significant workflow benefits. Read about our journey to Webpack.

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How To Approach Security

Secure your Accounts – Team Security Best Practices

Security best practices are all about creating multiple layers of protection. Read our insights on securing your accounts with better team security.

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Tracking down CPU versions

Cluster Optimisation: Hunting Down CPU Differences

See any unusual activity in you server cluster? The first thing to do is to eliminate any software variables. Here is how we approach cluster optimisation.

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What's in Your Backpack?

What’s in your Backpack? Modular vs. Monolithic Development

The modular vs. monolithic debate has been going on for decades. We don’t have easy answers and it’s not our intention to dismiss any approach.

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Server Alerts: a Step by Step Look Behind the Scenes

From triggering webhooks to sending emails and SMS, Alert Processing is where all the magic happens. Here is a behind-the-scenes look.

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