Bigtable & Server Density

Time series data with OpenTSDB + Google Cloud Bigtable

Migrating from MongoDB to OpenTSDB + Google Cloud Bigtable for time series data, graphing of server monitoring data. No downtime data migration to cloud.

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Comparing Server Density vs Datadog

A comparison of the features of Server Density vs Datadog such as iOS and Android mobile apps, Apple TV, user permissions and availability monitoring.

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Understanding the TCP/IP protocol suite

Learn about how TCP/IP works, and how the protocol reliably packets, routes and delivers most digital and internet communications.

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Saving $500k per month buying your own hardware: cloud vs co-location

Is it possible that colocation costs less than cloud dedicated servers? In this article we will take a look at a cloud vs colocation number comparison.

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Datacenter efficiency and its effect on Humans

All that motivation we had for using our servers efficiently is now gone, as it's someone else's problem. Asking pressing questions on datacenter efficiency

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Automatic timezone conversion in JavaScript

Automatic timezone conversion in JavaScript is not exactly fun. Keep reading to find out how we deal with one of JavaScript's most common challenges.

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How GOV.UK Reduced their Incidents and Alerts

Watch Bob Walker from GOV.UK talk about their recent success in reducing their incidents and alerts. And grab your invite to our next HumanOps event!

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Spotify Engineering: Making Ops Human

Server Density is not the only team out there getting excited about HumanOps. Keep reading to find out how Spotify Engineering does HumanOps.

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