API Security Checks

5 API Security Risks and How to Mitigate them

A good API creates possibilities, but it also creates boundaries. What follows are 5 API security risks you need to be aware of when designing your API.

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Website Security Checks

5 Website Security Checks: Are you at risk?

An overwhelming majority of websites suffer from at least one serious vulnerability. Here are 5 website security checks you can start with.

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MongoDB Time Series

Using MongoDB as a Time Series Database

MongoDB helps us scale for the expanding volumes of time series data we collect in our server monitoring service. Over the years, we went from processing 40GB of data per month, to more than 250TB.

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On Call Schedules

DevOps On-Call: How we Handle our Schedules

Code resilience is at least as important as building new features. Which means, our developers and designers are a key part of our DevOps on-call schedules.

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Rubber Duck Debugging

Escaping Rabbit Holes with Rubber Duck Debugging and more

Learn to spot when you’re getting stuck. Know the signs and get better at climbing out of productivity rabbit holes. Context switching, slowing down, rubber duck debugging, and planning ahead, are proven methods that help with getting unstuck.

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Building Chaos Monkey

Building Your own Chaos Monkey

By triggering and dealing with random system failures, you help your product and service harden up and become resilient. This improves your uptime metrics and overall quality of service.

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Secure your webapp

10 Ways to Secure Your Webapp

While there is no such thing as 100% secure, you can take measures to mitigate against a range of attacks and secure your webapp as much as possible.

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Security for growth

Is Security a Growth Catalyst for DevOps?

Good security is not an add-on, a feature or a separate effort. It is an essential building block of our work.

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