website monitoring nagios

Website Monitoring with Nagios

Why not use someone else’s global infrastructure to automatically perform your web checks? Here is how you can do website monitoring with Nagios.

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How Spotify and GOV.UK handle on-call

How Spotify and GOV.UK handle on call, and more

Francesc Zacarias, SRE engineer at Spotify, and bob Walker, Head of Web Operations at GDS GOV.UK, spoke about their on call approach.

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How to Monitor Redis

What follows is our very own checklist of best practices for Redis, including key metrics and alerts we use to monitor Redis at Server Density.

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Status Update Header

How to Write Service Status Updates

The lowly service status update is an essential piece of communication. Here's how we write status updates that send the right message to our customers.

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Sparklines Header

Launching Sparklines for iOS

Unlike computers, most humans aren’t great at assimilating raw data. In order for us to understand, remember, and emote to data, we need context.

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HumanOps: Making Operations Human

HumanOps starts from a basic conviction, namely that technology affects the wellbeing of humans just as humans affect the reliable operation of technology.

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Cloud Monitoring

Real Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring using Server Density. The goal here is to be able to receive alerts when hurricanes or hazardous storms are approaching your provider.

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Write Better

5 Tips to Being a Better Writer

Great developers are great writers. Clear writing is indicative of clear thinking and a disciplined approach. Here are 5 tips to being a better writer.

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