Ops love APIs: Here is Why

There's no limit to what you can store and monitor using the Server Density API. Here is what we've learned, and some tips on how to use APIs in general.

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meta monitoring

Monitoring meta-Monitoring

We use Server Density to monitor Server Density. Frankly, we can’t think of a more proactive way to spot and triage imperfections in our infrastructure.

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How to Monitor Nagios for free

How to Monitor Nagios itself for free

Monitor Nagios itself, Monitor your monitoring: Nagios performance metrics and Nagios server alerts for free.

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Hire Technical Support

The Hardest Hire: Technical Support

Hiring technical support people who are passionate, technical, customer advocates. Several years, and numerous hires later, here’s what we’ve learned.

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Windows Monitoring Tools

60+ Windows Monitoring Tools

A comprehensive list of Windows Monitoring Tools. Open Source and Commercial with screenshots included.

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We switched to Slack and built a Slackbot in 2 weeks: Here is How

We spent two weeks transitioning to Slack and building a Slackbot, using Python and API wrappers. Here is what we've learned.

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Cloud Status App

Launching a Cloud Status App: Our Development Approach

A detailed sneak peek at how we used ReactiveCocoa, Swift, and MVVM pattern, to build and launch our new Cloud Status app.

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Deploy NGINX with Ansible

Deploying NGINX with Ansible

How to deploy NGINX with Ansible using Ansible Galaxy roles. Full tutorial example of Ansible playbook to install NGINX and PHP-FPM.

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