iPhone Server Monitoring App released

By David Mytton,
CEO & Founder of Server Density.

Published on the 21st February, 2014.

After a few months of work and revisions, our brand spanking new iPhone app is ready to download on the app store. This post goes through some of the key features of the app, and summarises the content that written on our dedicated iPhone page.

The app is very simple, it focuses on everything to do with your account alerts. See your open and closed alerts for entire / individual accounts; it’s a portable notification center that provides a better overview of the problems with your infrastructure before you get to your computer.

1. Set your custom alert sound

Server monitoring alert

Toshi was getting confused between messages from his friends and his alerts from Server Density. So he set his custom alert sound.

2. Get alerted of server problems

Server monitoring iPhone app

When his disks failed at 2:00am on Tuesday he got woken up to the sound of his custom alert!

3. Explore the alert and identify issues

Server monitoring alerts

A quick glance at his iPhone enabled Toshi to see the alert and identify quickly what it might be affecting in the context of his entire account, through the notification center. Once he knew that his disks had failed, Toshi wanted to quickly know how else that was affecting his infrastructure so he swiped the alert to bring up his individual / entire account view of open and closed alerts… Leaving him to ponder what the problem was on the way to his computer.

4. Fix the problem

Fix your server problems with our app

The Server Density app isn’t super complicated or over engineered, and its use case is very simple – alerting. It’s for getting alerted of issues and assessing their impact on your infrastructure. It’s there to give you a head start on the problem; what’s being affected and how, before going to fix it. So here’s Toshi, fixing the problem and returning to sleep.

Oops, forgot one. Signup free for 15 days

I almost forgot, before any of the previous four steps you need to make sure you’ve got a Server Density account. You should go and signup free for 15 days. If however you’ve already got an account (and an iPhone), you should download the app – it will make your life a lot easier.

  • Havenswift Hosting

    Already use the Server Density app to monitor all servers in our SD account but have not seen a notification to upgrade that installed app, so is this a different one that needs to be installed (and configured) instead of the current app or as well as ??

  • Erwin

    Is there also an android app update on the way?

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