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Does everyone hate MongoDB?

A technical look at the recent why MongoDB sucks, why I'm migrating from MongoDB and goodbye MongoDB community posts. Is everyone leaving MongoDB?

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Linux monitoring tools

80 Linux Monitoring Tools

The most comprehensive list of command line tools, network related monitoring, and log and infrastructure monitoring tools for Linux SysAdmins.

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MongoDB Tech behind graphs

The tech behind our time series graphs – 2bn docs per day, 30TB per month

How Server Density uses MongoDB to process 2 billion documents per day, 30TB of data each month to power our time series server monitoring graphs.

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Monitoring beyond the server

Automatically watering your plants with sensors, a Pi and webhooks

Using moisture sensors, a Raspberry Pi, Server Density monitoring and web hook alerts to automatically monitor and water your plants.

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Picking server hostnames

Picking server hostnames

What rules and conventions should you use to pick server hostnames to make them useful? Server hostname guide and conventions.

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MongoDB on Google Compute Engine – tips and benchmarks

Performance benchmarks and hints/tips for using MongoDB on Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Platform with persistent disks and MongoDB.

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Secure your webapp

10 Ways to Secure Your Webapp

While there is no such thing as 100% secure, you can take measures to mitigate against a range of attacks and secure your webapp as much as possible.

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DevOps Checklists

How and why we use DevOps checklists

Having proved their worth in healthcare and aviation industries, checklists should belong in the DevOps playbook too. Here is how we use them.

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Taming MongoDB with server monitoring

People like to write bad things about MongoDB, but my overall experience with MongoDB has been good. Let's talk you through how Feargal diagnoses problems.

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New custom office

New Custom Built Office in West London

What's our fancy new London office like? A collection of history, tech, pictures and thoughts on our new working space in Chiswick, West London.

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