Code reviews

How to do code reviews

How to approach code reviews to help with code quality. Pull requests, style, templates and other hints and tips to help you implement code review process.

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How we do HumanOps at Server Density

HumanOps came from Server Density ’s team being on call. This is how the 12 principles of HumanOps have been adopted for a human-first approach.

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Lessons learned migrating from Backbone to Redux

Mistakes made & lessons learned from moving from Backbone to React + Redux for JavaScript UI SaaS web application frontend development.

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Code reviews

Building a color engine for graphing

Building a color engine to improve graph rendering, visibility, color distinguishability and Javascript React server monitoring graphs.

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Time Series Charts with React, Redux and D3

How we rebuilt our time series graphs using React, Redux and D3 to create server monitoring graphs as reusable components.

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Tools for managing containers

App containerization has expanded enormously over the last few years. This article will introduce you to some important tools for managing containers.

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Monitoring your Amazon resources with CloudWatch

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