Server Alerts: a Step by Step Look Behind the Scenes

From triggering webhooks to sending emails and SMS, Alert Processing is where all the magic happens. Here is a behind-the-scenes look.

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Startup location

Considering an Office for Your Startup? Read This First.

The entire concept of the office is broken. It’s not a theoretical problem. The way people approach the office has some very practical implications.

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War Stories from the Ops Trenches

Server Monitoring Alerts: War Stories from the Ops Trenches

We've faced a lot of Ops scenarios over the years. Together with scar tissue, we are also accumulating knowledge. Here is how we share and keep it fresh.

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Life on Call

Life on Call: Productivity and Wellbeing around the Clock

At best, working on-call is nothing to write home about. At worst, well, it kind of sucks. Here's what we do about our "life on call".

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Server Names

Server Naming Conventions and Best Practices

There's only so many heroes in A-Team and Arrested Development. Dog Breeds will only get you that far. There comes a point when you need server naming conventions and best practices.

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How To Approach Security

Security Principles and Practices: How to Approach Security

How do we become security conscious? What follows is a set of underlying security principles and practices you should look into to optimise your systems.

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Server Security Checks

Server Security Checklist: Are you at risk?

Securing your server is at least as important as securing your website and API. What follows is a server security checklist with 5 risks you need to address

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API Security Checks

5 API Security Risks and How to Mitigate them

A good API creates possibilities, but it also creates boundaries. What follows are 5 API security risks you need to be aware of when designing your API.

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