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Server Density for iOS updated

12th November, 2011

Apple has approved our completely revamped iOS app for Server Density server monitoring and it is now available free on the App Store! The app has been rewritten from scratch […]

Server Density Chrome Application

19th October, 2011

Get it here: Server Density Chrome Application. This is my third Random Week with Boxed Ice and it was a blast to get to spend the week in London, but […]

Announcing agentless monitoring with API 1.3

30th August, 2011

We’re pleased to announce the release of our server monitoring API v1.3 which includes a new postback method that allows you to send monitoring data through the API without needing […]

Announcing remote service monitoring

29th August, 2011

As of today, we’re pleased to announce remote response time and up/down status monitoring of external URLs in addition to the existing monitoring of internal server metrics via our agent. […]

Building the Server Density World Map

28th June, 2011

Every 6 weeks we run a “Random week”. During this time we stop working on our current projects and instead create something different that we think will be interesting/useful/educational and, […]

Server Density improvements

2nd June, 2011

As well as large projects, we like to make ongoing small but important UI tweaks for our server monitoring tool, Server Density. These are usually released as they’re finished with […]

App store for sysadmins

24th May, 2011

Today we’re announcing the Server Density plugin directory – the App Store for Sysadmins. Use your expertise to write the ultimate plugin for anything you want to track, then sell […]

Server Density stats in April 2011

3rd May, 2011

We record many of internal operational metrics for our server monitoring service, Server Density. A lot of these are useful on a daily basis but there a few which are […]

Incident response for startups

28th April, 2011

A lot of people were affected by the AWS outage last week, including Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider, Heroku. However, what made their handling of the situation interesting is […]

Sysadmins prefer e-mail alerts and use iPhone more than Android

23rd April, 2011

The recent Amazon EBS outage has resulted in some good analysis about EBS in general and also the design of shared storage services. Our friends are PagerDuty also did a […]