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DevOps Deal 3 – PagerDuty


This is the third post of a series which we have run over the last few months where we’ve offered a special deal for a useful sysadmin/development tool that we use. We’ve teamed up with a number of partners and this month we’re offering a deal from PagerDuty, an on-call scheduling and notification service.

What it does: You connect all your monitoring services up to PagerDuty and it handles making sure the right person gets notified to fix the problem. When your systems go down, PagerDuty will wake you up. You choose how you want to be alerted – via phone, SMS or email, to multiple numbers, with retries. You can easily set up schedules to fairly share on-call duty responsibilities with your team and if you’re paged but don’t respond in time, the alert is auto-escalated to a team member. It is also fully integrated into Server Density.

How we use it: We use Server Density to monitor ourselves, combined with a number of external monitoring services to ensure all our key systems are working. With many tools involved, we need to ensure that the person on call always gets notified and issues can be escalated to the next level if needed. Incidents originate in PagerDuty and act as a single location to link out to our incident management systems. PagerDuty acts as a conduit to help us schedule rotations, holidays and deal with any issues.

The deal: 1 user for free for a year on the regular plan for new accounts. At a normal price of $18/user/month, this is a saving of $216 per year.

How to get it: E-mail to request the discount.