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Announcing remote service monitoring

Service monitoring dashboard

As of today, we’re pleased to announce remote response time and up/down status monitoring of external URLs in addition to the existing monitoring of internal server metrics via our agent. The new Server Density service monitoring allows you to define a URL that will be checked at configurable intervals to ensure it is responding from multiple locations around the world.


  • Monitor any HTTP or HTTPS URL at any interval from every 30 seconds upwards with unlimited alerts per service.
  • Get alerts when your service stops responding or when response time is greater than any configurable threshold.
  • Monitor your service from a specific location or round robin across all worldwide monitoring locations with alerting when the service appears down from one or more locations.
  • Check the response for the presence or absence of a specific string.
  • Alerting when the full response MD5 checksum does not match what is expected.
  • Alerting on specific HTTP status codes.
  • Historical graphs for HTTP status codes and response times.
  • Full support for HTTP auth, custom POST fields and custom headers.
  • Snapshots to show the full response and content every 5 minutes and when alerts are triggered.
  • Combined dashboard for servers and services, including in full screen mode.
  • All the same options you already have for alerting – e-mail, SMS, iPhone, Android, groups, multiple users, delays and “fixed” notifications.


Service config

This is available for free for all accounts until 1st September when we will start charging £1 GBP (~$1.65 USD) per service per month, exc VAT for EU customers. It will be combined with your normal bill so your first invoice for services will be on 1st October.

Services will use the same billing structure as servers – based on the highest waterlevel number of services in a given calendar month. E.g. add 3 services in September then remove 1, you’ll be billed for 3 in September and 2 in October.

If you don’t want to be billed for testing the service this month then be sure to remove your services before 00:00:00 1st September 2011 UTC.

Monitoring locations

We’re launching with 5 monitoring locations in the US, Ireland, Singapore and Japan from the Amazon Web Services data centres. We’ll be quickly adding new locations over the next few weeks so let us know if there’s anywhere in particular you want us to monitor from.

Mobile and API

Services on the iPhone

A new API with methods for getting service monitoring data is completed but we’re just finishing off the documentation, so watch out for an announcement on this blog in the next week or so.

You can already receive push notifications for service alerts via our mobile apps but we’re nearing completion on a revamp of both our iPhone and Android apps which will include service monitoring, so watch out for another announcement on this blog in the coming weeks.

Specific technical details

We’ve written up some documentation around specific functionality like service states, round robin locations and response string MD5 matching.

  • Edward M. Goldberg


    I LOVE the new features. I will be adding LOTS of “ping” Services to my account today!

    Oops, one is broken:

    “Content type image/ not permitted for services”

    Looks like the favicon.ico


    Is an issue. All of the other URL(s) are working fine. The md5sum is my favorite! Now I can check the “logo” for all of the landing pages and see when/if I get “hacked”.

    Please call any time:
    Cell:     916-202-1600
    Skype:  EdwardMGoldberg

    Edward M. Goldberg

    • David Mytton

      We don’t allow binary content types currently so our nodes don’t have to download large files but I’ll add a feature request so we can perhaps do this with a limited filesize to download.

      • Edward M. Goldberg

        I would be happy for most sites to see “head only” GET operations. The “BODY” tends to depend more on transfer performance. The “HEAD” gives me DNS, Connect, Round Trip Speed of Light numbers.

        The numbers look correct for the servers I have running.

        Great work!

  • Devin Smith

    that pretty much is an extended version of my plugin at

    kinda makes mine obsolete now…

  • Michiel

    Wow, that’s some time we’re getting for testing. You posted this on aug. 29th. To not be billed one has to remove the check before sept. 1st!

    That’s a wopping 3 days! Phew. Ofcourse, that’s also assuming you read the announcement as it was made and acted upon it immediately (i mean, who is swamped with work these days?)

    Oh wait, i read it all wrong – we have until oct. 1st to test, right? right?

    • David Mytton

      Feel free to sign up for a trial account which will give you 15 days free. Or if you want to use your existing account then decide you don’t want to use them you can e-mail and we’ll be happy to remove them from your bill.